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The Basics Zero Hour is a choose-your-own adventure comic which takes place during the events of Megaman Zero. When a comic is posted, the audience may suggest what action a character takes via a comment. Though it is based on the events of Megaman Zero and began in the same way, Zero Hour is only bound to canon as it was when the game begins. Players' actions could very well change the outcome from the familiar game into something new (and in some cases, player actions already have had an effect on the direction of the story).
Deciding Actions I'll tend to update at least once a week, and when I start work on the update, I'll check the comments of the current page. If a particular action was suggested by at least 2/3 of the comments, it will happen. When multiple characters are active, the comments can shift the focus of the comic from one character to another. If there is a tie for what action to take, it will be randomly decided amongst the most popular actions.
Combat During combat, the audience votes on the actions of all party members each round. These actions are polled individually, rather than as a group(this is to save me the headache of counting poll results for exponentially increasing complexity!)

Characters have two important stats in combat: HP and Damage. HP, or Hit Points, represents a character's vitality. At 0 HP, a character will either fall unconscious or die. It is important to remember: Death is not the end of the story.

Damage is expressed as a number of n-sided dice. For example, 3 6-sided dice would be noted as 3d6. When a character attacks, the damage dice are rolled, and compared to the target's hit points. That difference is the damage the target takes.

For example, Zero's buster attacks with 3d4. Against a target with 5 HP, let's say Zero rolls a total of 8. This exceeds the target's HP by 3, so the target takes 3 damage, leaving it at 2 HP.

Certain characters have or can develop special abilities as the story goes on. For instance, Zero has the Frenzy ability, which lets him attack twice per turn, but he becomes the target of all attacks. Ciel has the Elf ability, which lets her use any Cyber Elves she's collected.